My Story

DotComLad is an online resource blog created and managed by me (Kunal Deshmukh). I wanted to create something like an online diary of all things internet marketing or affiliate marketing. A place where people like me can hang out and learn all the aspects of internet marketing. They can learn how to start from scratch or grow their existing business with the help of my blog.


<< This is me over there. I love to teach people and because of that I am going to do a lot of tutorial type blog posts on this website.

You will see everything that I do to grow my online marketing business. Right from all the tools I use to what rigorous manual work I do everyday to make money online through all the efforts. My ultimate goal from this website is to get at least 50 people to start and use my website to consistently earn money in this beautiful and vast world of internet marketing.

So, I am going to bore you with something about me. My name is Kunal Deshmukh. I come from a small and beautiful town in outskirts of Mumbai in India called Vasai. Well, it is a small town but it has a lot of significance in history. The Portuguese entered India from the port of Vasai. By academics, I am a Mechanical Engineer. However, I always loved computers. I like all that languages like C, C++ and everything related to computers. So, after I finished my studies, I started to look for a way for me to get to know more about computers and the world of internet.

I was fascinated by the idea of internet when I was in school. This is the time when our part of the world didn’t have much of the facilities like internet and computers. All the computers we had were in our school computer lab which was like 5-10 computers in a room.


So, after my studies, I started working in my field of mechanical engineering but I also in my spare time started to look for something which will get me closer to computers and internet. And one day while I was checking my email, I came across a spam email which said that I can make money from the internet through affiliate marketing.

As I started to learn more about affiliate marketing, I grew fond of the idea of it. It was very interesting to know that I can earn sitting at home, giving more time to my family. See, when I worked in my field everyone around me was working like 12 hours a day in an office or a manufacturing unit. They didn’t have any time for the kids and family as they get so tired by the time they reach home after work that there is nothing in the mind apart from sleeping.

This is what I noticed about my father as well. There is nothing wrong with it, but I like the idea of making money from the internet more. Solely because, I can spend more time with my Family. So, there you are, this is my story of starting my internet marketing journey. I have learned a lot in this journey and this website is me paying it forward and also earning my living while doing it so of course.

Dotcomlad is going to be the place about all things affiliate marketing or internet marketing or anything about making money online. I am going to talk about all the ways I make money online and also all other ways there are to make money from the internet.

As I start to achieve more and more in the internet marketing world I am going to update this about me page with all my achievements. I am going to document every single day that I work on my business. I am going to document the exact processes and systems that one needs to follow to make it in this field of internet marketing.