How To Create A Giveaway For FREE & Build A Massive List 

 July 13, 2020

By  Kunal

You are about to learn how to create a giveaway and build a massive email list along with it. But first, let me explain what exactly are giveaways and why you should give your attention to them.

Well, a giveaway is just that, a promotion where you give away something of value. A number of people enter the drawing and you randomly select a participant to receive the prize of the giveaway for free or for a considerable discount.

Why Create A Giveaway to Build List Instead of Squeeze Pages

Let me answer this question by explaining the traditional way of building a list. See, normally we have a squeeze page where you provide something of value in exchange for an email address.

For example, it can be an eBook or access to a software or membership website. This method is getting old and people are getting used to it. In turn, they are getting blind to these kinds of pages. Mind you, squeeze pages are still effective.
However, you have to be very skilled to use the squeeze pages and get a good conversion rate for the email addresses.

Now, comes the way to create a giveaway and build a list. See, in this, we are giving something more valuable like a voucher for Amazon for instance. Let’s say we are giving away a voucher for Amazon for 2 winners. As Amazon is a very popular website, people will be joining our giveaway in huge numbers.

Hence, we remove the barrier of entry which is created nowadays due to the traditional squeeze page method. Also, with the use of software that I am going to share with you, we can make our giveaway viral very easily.

One more reason to use giveaways instead of the traditional method is the money that you have to spend on getting visitors. See, you can use the free method to get visitors to both the methods. But, giveaways are more prone to be successful with free traffic than squeeze pages.

For squeeze pages, you will have to buy solo ads from other reputed marketers and get people on the list. However, for a giveaway, you need not use the paid method.

Now, let’s get to the fun part.

How to create a giveaway

I use this amazing free website called Kingsumo to create a giveaway. They make the process pretty straight forward. Let’s get to it. Go to the website of Kingsumo by clicking this link and sign up for an account. Check the below image for the same.

Create a giveaway kingsumo

Now, click a new giveaway to start entering the details. It is pretty self-explanatory.

The most important thing in the process is the section of bonus entries. It is vital that you add these entries to make the giveaway viral. You can see the options in the below image that Kingsumo provides to make your giveaway viral.

After this process you will have your giveaway ready for the initial promotion before going viral.

Giveaway Prize Ideas

To entice people to subscribe to your giveaway you need to have a catchy prize. Without a catchy prize even if you create a giveaway with the most costly software won’t work. So, here are some prize ideas that I think are very good to make as many people subscribe to the giveaway as possible.

1) Gift Card for Amazon

This is pretty self-explanatory. Amazon is a very popular website and a lot of people will be attracted to get a free gift card. However, a lot of people use this idea. To make it work you need to have a good price point of the gift card or promo code. Let’s say anything in the range of $20 to $100 will be very good.

2) Gift Card for a prominent website or service in your niche

Let’s say your niche is related to fitness. Then you can use a prominent website or service promo code as a giveaway prize. This will entice your subscribers to enter the giveaway and moreover your list will also be relevant. You can then send emails to your list later with different offers related to fitness and earn money from it.

3) Software or An eBook which the subscriber needs

The basic idea to create a giveaway is to give something valuable in return for the email address of the subscriber. This idea of giving a software or an ebook can also work if your niche has a problem they solve. But you have to see that the software is not free elsewhere. The software should be free only from your giveaway.

You can contact the seller of the software or eBook and ask them if you can purchase a copy and then giveaway this copy as a prize. Also, mention that you will bring many more people who will purchase from the seller with you as an affiliate later.

How to start promoting the giveaway on Facebook

Now comes the part where you have to get eyeballs on your giveaway. Before your giveaway goes viral, you need to start the promotion. After you do this, the snowball effect starts with the help of bonus entries that we add when we create the giveaway.

So, this is what you have to do. First, you need to go to the Facebook search and search for some giveaway and sweepstakes groups. You will easily find 5-10 groups where you can submit your giveaway. People will enter through it and start the process.

Next, you have to find at least 10-20 groups in your niche. For example, if your niche is fitness, you can find numerous groups dedicated to fitness. Join the groups and then ask the admin if you can add your giveaway to the group. This is important, many groups won’t permit you to post promotions straight away. So asking permission beforehand is good for your reputation for later.

There you are, I hope that by now you know the complete process and start building that list for consistent income online. On that note, if you want to know more about affiliate marketing you can go here. Now, go and create a giveaway using Kingsumo and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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