Affiliate Marketing How to Start For Free and Where to Start… 

 July 6, 2020

By  Kunal

We see a lot of advertising all around the internet about affiliate marketing. People claim to show all about affiliate marketing how to start it, step by step. However, after you purchase the new course about it, we get nothing. However, here on DotComLad, I am going to give you everything I know about affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing How to Start it?

This is one of the most typical questions I receive, and it’s really quite easy:

Affiliate marketing is a method in which there are three players. One is you, the affiliate. Second is the merchant or the vendor who owns or is selling the product. And third is the customer. And in most cases, fourth is the affiliate network who lists the products of numerous vendors including the above vendor.
The process is simple, you as an affiliate will receive a commission to drive traffic and recommend the product of the vendor to a customer.

Below is the 5 step process that you normally have to perform to make it work:

  1. Find a network which lists a lot of products like Clickbank or Amazon
  2. Search the niche or area that you are interested in the above network’s marketplace.
  3. Get your unique affiliate link by registering to the program or if using Clickbank, just get the link and keep it in your products list
  4. Now drive traffic to this link with free or paid ways
  5. If anyone who visits your link and buys the product, you get the commission for recommending it.

Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Wrong, It can be much more complicated. However, today in this post, I am going to show you how to start with affiliate marketing and be in a position to get your first sale.

So, Exactly How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

As technology gets sophisticated every day, there are a lot of new ways to track affiliates. However, all are based upon a person clicking your special monitoring link.

One of the most usual and also standard type of monitoring is via a cookie.

Let me explain what a cookie is. Somebody clicked on your link and is visiting it. Now as he does that, a small file called a cookie is stored on the computer of the user. Then they purchase an item, the merchant can see that they were referred by you. And you get the commission.

This is the most common method of tracking an affiliate. There are others but you will 99% of the time come across cookie method.

Below’s Exactly how to Start Affiliate Advertising And Marketing on Your Blog in 8 Steps:

  1. Develop a Website or A Blog site
  2. Pick a niche like dogs or cats or specific niche like Siberian Husky.
  3. Research Products in Your Particular Niche. Find products that are easy to review.
  4. Register for the Amazon Affiliate Program or Clickbank affiliate network.
  5. Discover affiliate programs for the various other products you intend to assess
  6. Create web content in the form of tutorials, review articles, resource web pages or e-mails. And also utilize your affiliate weblink
  7. Maximize the page as well as track your positions in Google
  8. Rinse and also Repeat!
    We’ll cover every one of these actions (as well as a lot more) thoroughly in this message. However, it is essential to recognize the basic process from the beginning.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The amount you can make will differ extremely. It honestly falls somewhere in between nothing at all to millions as well.

Your revenue will be directly proportional to the kind of deals you promote, how much website traffic you get to the site. Also, your understanding of other online marketing skills like e-mail advertising and marketing and also SEO.

In this article, you will get a general idea of the earning you can generate with various different methods.

Now, You May Ask! How do I Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Here’s the thing, you can select nearly any product that you can get online. And there will be an associate program or affiliate program that will certainly pay you a finders fee for referring a sale.

Nevertheless, just because you can promote anything, doesn’t imply you should.

One of the most vital point to take into consideration when picking an item to market is, “is it appropriate to your audience?”

For example, for me to try and promote a bodybuilding course or equipment on this website is not optimal. It is not the most intelligent thing, because 99% of my audience could care less about them.

Nevertheless, for me to advertise, a video tutorial about getting traffic to your website makes much more sense. Why you may ask? As almost 99% of my website, visitors will want to know more about affiliate marketing how to start it & how to generate traffic.

The 4 Important Questions To Ask Before Promoting An Affiliate Product

I always ask myself these 4 questions when I am trying to choose a product to promote:

  1. First and foremost, do I use the product or service myself?
  2. What will be the major benefit of the product for my customers?
  3. Is the buying process user friendly and easy?
  4. And most importantly, What is the affiliate commission percentage?
    If I answer yes to most of the above questions, it is probably a product worth promoting.

Action Step for You: Look around you, what you use? programs, software, or products you use daily. Make a list of all these items and think if they will benefit your blog visitors.

And remember, these can include related products as well. For example, If you are going to blog about camping, for instance, you can consist of tons of complementary products like luggage, headphones, knapsacks, and clothes too.

Types of Products to Start Affiliate Marketing…

Ok, you should have an idea of which products you may intend to promote– currently it’s time to decide which of those are the very best suitable for you and also your target market.

There are three different types of associate products you can advertise:.

  • Physical Products.
  • Info Products.
  • Service Providers.
    Each of these has pros and cons.

Marketing Physical Products Using Amazon Associate Program

Physical products are possibly the simplest thing to advertise for one reason: Amazon.

Amazon has the world’s biggest associate program, and when you register, you can get a web link for any type of item on the website, and get a small commission for it.

Check it out using this example for promoting the iPad listed on Amazon.

Here it is in action.

I search ‘iPad’ into the search box.

Amazon Associate Search for Affiliate Marketing How to Start
Amazon Associate Search for iPad

And after that, once I’m on the page of the bag I wish to review I click ‘text’ from the Get link bar on top.

Get link Image for Affiliate Marketing How to Start Article

Anytime someone clicks that link, their cookie is taped in Amazon.com as coming from me, so when they buy something I will obtain a little % of payment.

Pretty cool, right?

Well, yes and also no.

Compensation prices on physical products are notoriously low, as a result of all of the elements that go into offering them (manufacturing, wholesaling, delivery, etc).

Check out this link for the rate of commission you can earn today

So you can make a 4% commission on a lot of things, as high as 10% on deluxe and style, and as reduced as 1% on a computer game.

Even if you’re offering thousands of products a month, you’re still earning less than a 10% commission. As a result of this, there are a lot of people making some money with Amazon but only a few who make thousands.

Typical Physical Product Compensations: 1-10%. Anything over 10% is very good.

A Quick Tip If You Embark on the journey to Promote Physical Products.

If you want to promote physical items, there’s possibly a better place to do it than Amazon over the long term if your specific niche is rather specialized.

Amazon.com is difficult because they have a 24 hour cookie. That implies that if someone clicks your web link, and then buys anything, anytime within the following 1 day you obtain the payment.

This is an incredibly brief period of time. Contrast it to some other affiliate programs where it is 90 days or more.

For example, when I’m promoting golf products, I’ll normally gain a 6.5% commission based on the number of products I refer to on average every month.

I might join the Golf Galaxy associate program, which pays out 6-8%, yet it has a 45-day cookie. So if somebody clicks the web link and after that purchases anything over the following 45 days. I obtain a commission.

This makes it a lot easier to make sales.

Action Step For You: Do a quick google search with “Product Name affiliate Program”. You will get a better idea of other options for similar products with high commission.

My Favorite – Affiliate Marketing for Info Products

Info products are a bit harder to promote but the commission is much higher that physical products.

The product is normally something produced by a blog owner, online marketer, or writer that instructs you exactly how to do something.

Paul Murphy’s Affiliate Tube Success is one such example of a product. It is also a great course if you what to know about affiliate marketing how to start it using youtube.

There are a lot of factors why information products are so excellent to promote:

  • Typically they are higher priced, which means higher payday.
  • They can be easier to sell as they have some authority figure behind them which builds trust.
  • There is often entire funnel in one product, which includes upsells. This means more commissions for us.
  • They solve a problem or supply a service that your visitors are trying to find.

There are many places like Clickbank or Kartra where a lot of vendors list their products. We as an affiliate can apply to promote the products for free.

How to Select Products to Promote?

I’m pretty careful about the products I personally promote.

The commissions are much higher than physical items which is why I love promoting them so much.

Commissions range from 30% up to even 100% on some products.

When I advertise info items I usually try to find high valued items produced by individuals who are very good marketers. Why?

My job is relatively less because when I send traffic to the product, they convert the sale easily.

So, it is a very good idea if you have a product or course you have used. As you know the results and you can create a better review of the product. An honest one, not just show the sales page.

Affiliate Marketing for Service Products.

The third type of item you can advertise is a service. This is another huge one for me, because of the nature of what I blog about here.

My company does not operate without hosting, a theme, email software and so on

So it can be easy to make a sale on services because if I personally enjoy and also use them, there’s a great chance you will also.

One of the amazing feature of promoting a service is recurring commissions. For example, I make a monthly or yearly commission if I promote the web hosting service that I use.

In time that can add up to be a good extra little bit of earnings monthly.

Think about which services you make use of and also if it makes good sense to promote them on your website. You can usually expect commissions in between 15-30% on service products depending upon what it is.

Why Affiliate Marketing is Better Than Other Forms of Blog Monetization.

Most new blog owners assume that AdSense or banner ads are the most effective means to monetize your site.

You could not be much more incorrect.

They frequently get started with Adsense since it’s easy. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I saw an Adsense advertisement.

Well, there are two things to consider when using Adsense. First, your site will look very bad and hideous. And second, you will have to get a lot of traffic to even get a real income. I am talking about 500000 visitors per month at least.

Selling Ad space is another elephant in the room. It is equally same as adsense.

I use a general rule of thumb to calculate the amount I will charge for selling ad space.

I divide daily visitors by 10 to get the dollar amount.


Daily Visitors – 1000
Dollar amount – 1000/10 = $100 per month for an advertising space

It can be much higher or even lower depending on your niche.

When you’re just starting out, $100 a month could seem respectable, but it takes a great deal of work to get up to 1k visitors a day. Also, if you are generating that much traffic you will get much more income by using affiliate marketing if you know how to start and use it intelligently.

For example, I would most likely sell my own product or affiliate products on my website instead of selling ad space.

Let’s say someone clicks and buys my product for $500 or an affiliate product for which I am getting that amount. I have to get one sale in 5 months to make if profitable than selling ad space.

5 Ways to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Website

Ok, now one of the most fundamental part.

So, now you know what affiliate marketing is. How to find products to promote and get affiliate links for them.

But, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to promote the products. Isn’t it?

In this section, we are going to explore 5 different ways to promote an affiliate offer on your website.

Product Reviews, The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Technique

If you ask me about affiliate marketing how to start it, my answer will always be to create a review of the products you use. This works on all types of products mentioned above. And most importantly, it generates trust in you.

The most important factor in a successful review is honesty

I would normally only review things that I use. And most importantly, I will also mention the drawbacks of the products. Everyone knows that no product is perfect. So, if you mention them upfront, they will most likely buy anyway.

These are the four points you should include in your review

  • Clear headline including your desired keyword phrase (” item name review” for instance).
  • A clear call to action buttons showing where to purchase the item.
  • A clear recommendation showing the product being used by you.
  • A personal story concerning exactly how you make use of the item.

You will find a lot of examples of good reviews if you search google. However, you will also get reviews on the products I use in the reviews section of this blog.

Affiliate Marketing Using Exclusive Deals Page.

This is probably the simplest thing you can do right now to generate a couple of sales over the coming weeks: create an exclusive deals page.

No matter what your niche is. You will always have some products or services you use. And these products go on the exclusive deals page. All with the affiliate link of course.

Check out my exclusive deals page. It contains all the products I use daily in my business.

Affiliate Marketing Using How To Tutorials

Tutorials are one of the best ways to drive affiliate sales. If you ask me to list the most important ways about affiliate marketing how to start it, this would be my number 2 after reviews.

So what is a tutorial and how to create it?

Simple, you create an article or a video showing people how to accomplish something. For example, how to use WordPress to create a blog. And make the product an integral part of the tutorial. WordPress hosting will be a great product for this.

You can make hundreds of dollars a month by creating tutorials. You can even get website visitors from Youtube. It takes usually a bit more time if you go this route. However, the fruit of hard work will be much sweeter if you ask me. I do this on my youtube channel.

Comparison Posts For Affiliate Sales

Have you come across some posts and videos which compare two or three products. These are what we call comparison posts or videos.

It works well when there are two products that are comparable. For example, Clickfunnels Vs Kartra. Both the products are almost identical with one product with one feature or two more than the other or vice versa.

The best thing about these posts is that we can have an affiliate link of both the products in our post. So, even if the customer considers one product over the other by reading or looking out the video we are not at loss.

We can do the same thing for physical products as well. For example, Playstation 4 Vs The Xbox One.

If the person searching for either one comes across our post or video, we can get the commission. We can add affiliate link to both the products.

The Money is in The List

This is most likely one of the most efficient (as well as most innovative) technique we’ll speak about for making affiliate sales: your email list.

If you ask me the one thing I should do from Day 1, creating an email list is the number 1 on my list.

Building an email list is the one thing we should do from the start. And once you get to a point where your email list is about 1000, you struck Gold. You can develop a series of emails that promote affiliate products. However, this works very well if you have info products with high commissions.

The following are the things you will need for this to work well:

  • List of at least 1000 people.
  • The product that you have used before preferably.
  • The Product should convert well.

I’ve found that a 7 email series works well with affiliate marketing through email. I would suggest to start with this method as soon as possible or at least start creating an email list. This can be done with the help of a subscription box in the sidebar of the website or blog.

A Couple of Final Tips for Affiliate Marketing!

The above strategies will start your journey to the first affiliate sale very quickly. If you follow them properly of course.

But in addition to the above, I have some tips that you should use to increase your chances substantially.

Use a Plugin Called ClickerVolt or Clickmagick for affiliate links

Affiliate links are normally pretty hideous. They are long and if I am straight pretty ugly. It becomes pretty clear that you are an affiliate by just hovering over the link. For this reason, I recommend using a plugin called ClickerVolt if you are using WordPress or a website called ClickMagick if you want to more professional.

Call The Affiliate Manager and Develop a Good Relationship

Many significant associate programs for physical service or products will certainly have an affiliate manager, whose sole work is to help you generate more sales.

You’ll require to verify to them that you have some potential, yet do your best to get them on the phone prior to any kind of significant promotions. They’ll have the ability to provide you the help of what works, what does not, as well as possibly also offer you a boost in commissions.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. It is a given that if you click a link and purchase anything through the link, I might receive a payment (at no added price to you). Every little thing I do is to benefit you as a viewer. Receiving commission for the products recommended does not affect our opinions or our testimonials. Our recommendations are sincere and unbiased.

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