3 Best Ways to Make Money Online Reliably 

 February 5, 2021

By  Kunal

In this article, I am going to go over 3 different and reliable ways to make money online. I am going to show you screenshots of all the ways taken so you can also check it out yourself. Everyone wants a way to earn money that is reliable and trustworthy. I am going to show you not one but three ways to do it.

3 Ways To Make Money Online

So, one of the ways to make money online is affiliate marketing, which is what I do and focuses the most of my time on.

Next is using e-commerce and dropshipping. It includes selling physical products and stuff like Print on demand products. I’m going to show you some screenshots of my computer.

And the third and final one is creating your own marketing agency. Now, when you have reliability in your mind, you have to focus on one word and that is recurring.

In any business to be successful, you have to be concentrating on recurring revenue. Whatever you are doing, whether you are an affiliate or you are selling a product or an agency, you want to have the products set up in such a way that they are billed on a monthly basis.

Or as in the case of an agency, you are on a monthly retainer with your client. And you want to do that again and again, month after month.

Now, let me show you some screenshots about affiliate marketing. First, let me explain what affiliate marketing is? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online for beginners. What we do is, we are selling somebody else’s product and earn a commission when a customer buys it.

To do this, you are provided with special and unique links that have your mark on them. So, if anybody buys by first going through your link, you earn a commission for it. Below you will see a screenshot of one of the biggest companies on the internet named Clickbank. It shows something called a hop link in the platform.

Clickbank is one of the oldest companies offering affiliates like us ways to make money online on their platform. You would find each and every affiliate on the internet on Clickbank at some point in time.

Now, in the below screenshot you can see the marketplace in the platform. Now, as I told you before, that if you want to make affiliate marketing one of the reliable ways to make money online, you have to look at the recurring income.

ClickBank-Ways To Make Money Online

To do that, you have to search products in the marketplace with the rebill attribute to them. Now, once you are over to the marketplace, click the search icon as shown in the screenshot.

Scroll down till you see the “attributes” and click the checkbox in front of “required billing type, recurring”. Once you do that it will show all the products with recurring billing aspects to it.

Now, we can see products that have a recurring aspect to them. Below you can see the search which shows recurring products. You can see there are a lot of products that have the commission structure of rebilling month after month until canceled.

As you can see on there is “Resurge” with a very good recurring billing commission of around $30. You can see that it also says average per conversion.

What that means is that on average you will make additional dollars as mentioned over time from the rebills. So, that means that you are creating a very good and reliable income because over time you are getting monthly income for recommending the product to customers.

Of all the ways to make money online, e-commerce is probably one of the enticing ones. You can start selling a physical product which is either your own product or you can do dropshipping. If you can add a recurring component to e-commerce, there is nothing like it.

Let me show you some examples of companies that have found unique ways to make money online using the recurring components of their products.

Here is a popular site in the patriotism niche called “Nine Line Apparel”. They sell print on demand products like tees based on patriotism. They also have a recurring component called “Patriot’s Club”.

Nine Line Apparel - Ways to Make Money Online

What they do is, send the t-shirt of the month to all the subscribers. This t-shirt is exclusive for the club members only. Other people cannot buy this t-shirt unless they subscribe to the club.

So, my take on e-commerce or any product which you want to add the recurring component is that you have to select a product that is consumable. The next example that I am going to give is one such product or products. The site is called Dollar Shave Club.

They are very popular in the shaving space and they have found excellent ways to make money online through their unique products. They sell a lot of products that are consumables in my opinion.

DSC - Ways to make money online

They also sell razor blades on a subscription basis. And most of the products are shavings creams and such which are consumed in a month or two and if you like the product you go to the site again and buy.

Now, another e-commerce company that is very popular is the beard brand, they sell numerous products like beard oil on a subscription basis. So, they are creating a reliable way to make money online and generate income for themselves by selling something which is consumable.

Beard Brand E commerce

Those are some of the examples in the e-commerce niche to make consistent income selling physical products. They have developed unique ways to make money online, and these products are everyday products like T-shirts, shaving creams, and beard oils.

The third of the ways to make money online in a consistent and reliable way is to create your own agency. As an agency, your focus should be on billing your client on a monthly basis which is often called a retainer. You have to make sure that your client just doesn’t work with you one time but come back again and again on a regular basis.

One of the sites that you can use to find clients is called upwork.com. So, let’s say that you have a skill that you can manage Google Adwords account. All you have to do is go to upwork.com and apply for a job based on your skill.


You have to go to Upwork and search for people who need help with their AdWords. Then you reach out to those people. You have to reach out at least 20-25 people per day. Talk to them about your skill, your work experience if any, and case studies.

What you are trying to do is that you are making an attempt to get them to work with you for a one-off project or not, but ultimately your aim would be to get them to hire you on a monthly basis.

You have to do this on a consistent basis. I saw a very good sentence for this “Hustle + Consistency = Wealth”. If you contact people on a consistent basis, building a list of people who are happy with your work. They are bound to come back to you.

You can have people paying you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month on a recurring basis within 2-3 months of consistent work.

So, these are few ways to make money online in a trustworthy and reliable way. And you do have to keep in mind that there will be ups and downs in your business no matter what path you choose.

It is as it is in any other business. But, you have to remember to be consistent every day and keep doing the work which is needed.

I hope this article helped. Please do write comments below on what helped you the most. And what kind of topics would you like me to write more about.

Which one of the above ways to make money online did you find more attractive. Affiliate marketing, e-commerce, or agency. I’d love to know.

If you want to learn more about what I do to in my business, follow this link about a product I personally use and which teaches you every aspect of creating a successful affiliate marketing business.

Also, if you have any other ways to make money online, please add them to the comments below.


Talk to you soon…

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